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ComUnify Services

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Your Properties

With ComUnify you could manage multiple properties that you own. You could be an owner in one as well as a Renter in a different property. Our completely disconnected systems and modules enables you to have complete control over the ownership of your property. Additionally, we also have custom modules suitable for an individual home owner to take control over your home.


Are you in a Gated or Secure community? Perfect, checkout the tailor made solutions that could enable your community to be in a totally different level. Need to find out more on how your community could benefit from what we have to offer please check out the comprehensive list below to find out all the benefits your community could take advantage of and become completely elevated and enabled.

Smart Integration for Seamless Projects.

Athena - Suite of Products

Smart Integration for
Seamless Projects

Athena is designed to make any project as a ‘Smart’ project with the seamless integration of Hardware and software. The integration easily possible in Mobile App, Kiosks, Public systems and entry exit systems etc. Athena’s diversified portfolio gives endless possibilities with the HUB and its peripheral devices. The Suite of products gives the possibilities in “Smart – visitor management, parking management, security management, classroom management” etc.